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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Love of a great Blankie

There are many things we use for comfort as adults, food, chocolate, wine, exercise and a night out with the girls. I personally like Sushi, that seems to be my outlet...a fun night with friends, hubby and Sushi makes everything ok.
All of these I'm sure most of us have found comfort in at some point or another. As kids it usually comes down to the main three. A stuffed animal, soothers and blankies.
I don't remember having a blankie as a little girl, but our 4 year old daughter certainly does, she packs her blankie every time she goes to Grandma's for a sleep over. Who cares about undies and socks...as long as her blanket is ready to go. She sleeps with it next to her face and cuddles up with it when she is tired.
I have to admit though, I like to cuddle up with a blanket on the couch when watching T.V. Or a movie, my kids try to weasle in and steal the blanket too.
Maybe this cozy sense of security is what led me to my own Etsy shop, that combined with my love of fabulous fabrics. I find it exciting looking at fantastic fabrics and thinking about what I can make them into. I'm inspired by great prints and colours. I find myself looking at the blankets moms are using in their strollers and wondering if they have seen Dandelion Baby Blankets? my husband likes to joke that those babies need a Dandelion Baby Blanket, I like to think they do too!

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