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Sunday, May 1, 2011

A love Hate Relationship

How many of you have made a decision you later regretted (sometimes)?
In September I decided that we should get a dog. I felt that the kids would benefit from having a loyal companion that would give them unconditional love. I convinced my husband that this would be a good idea, especially for our oldest daughter who is 11. She needed some extra love and was struggling with forming friendships at her school.
I decided on a small dog, and we ended up getting a cockapoo we named Molly. At first the kids were really excited...that was short lived!
Now we have daily arguments over walking and other dog chores. She is a great dog and I know they love her, they just don't love the work associated with her!
She is sweet and loving but also a total pain! She digs in the yard which isn't a great feature for a white dog! And now she has decided she likes running away. Our yard is completely fenced in, however she is small enough that it is easy for her to escape. She goes right under the fence. Boy can she run! She takes off and keeps on running...fast. Luckily, my son is fast too!
She usually ends up needing a bath every couple of days which is super fun for me!
She is playful and cuddly and seems to be really close with our 4 year old. I watch them play together, they run one way with my daughter chasing the dog and then back the other with the dog chasing my daughter. My daughter dresses Molly up in tiara's and princess shoes and Molly sits there and let's her. It's very cute.
I think, I love having a dog at times like those. However when I'm trying to hop a fence and run down the street I'm thinking...
I hate this dog!

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